Saturday, 15 February 2014


Hey folks well having got my sewing machine downstairs it got me to thinking about 
what could I experiment with this evening - then the news was on again about the 
awful weather that we ve been experiencing and the ferocity of the seas.

Then I go to thinking about days gone by and tiny boats out there with little 
protection and kind of came up with this experimental piece -

Denim and Calico Fabric 
Matching Threads

3 layers of fabric were placed together
and machine stitched along wavy lines
inspired by lines in the sand
Fabric was then slashed between the 
machine stitching then embellished
with hand stitching 

Love and Hugs 

Judith xxx


  1. Different Judith, but lovely and inspiring me to get my sewing machine out. XX

  2. Very different, Judith, I just wish I could thread a sewing machine, LOL xxxx

  3. I "might" just find my machine and have a play.
    Hugs Janet xxx

  4. Very clever! I love the inspiration and I think what you came up with really represents it. Sadly, I can't sew! xx

  5. Love your different ideas. Haven't sewn in years but you made me think about my sewing machine. Hope the weather gets better there. Still snow here.
    Steph xx


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